Election Eve

The polls are open. Tomorrow is the big day. If you haven’t already, please get out and vote. Research the candidates and proposals on your ballot. If someone or something doesn’t seem right to you, go with your gut and vote accordingly. Don’t believe the partisan rhetoric, don’t be bullied or intimidated, your vote does count and your voice matters. I refuse to be divided from my fellow Americans and strive to find common ground where we can work toward real and meaningful solutions to our most pressing issues. I hope this message finds you well and that if you are struggling it might provide comfort and optimism about our future. Regards and best wishes for you all.


Benjamin Tyler Bebee 

Dana Point City Council  

District Five

Capistrano Beach

Hi, my name is Benjamin Tyler Bebee and I want to be your voice on the Dana Point City Council.

I am a fiscally conservative independent.

I have two young children, Abby and Max.  As such, I am passionate about finding creative ways to fund education and enrichment programs.  We should give our future leaders every opportunity to succeed.

I have a sincere desire to serve our community.  If elected I would like to establish a monthly district meeting to discuss the items with the community so I can best communicate our needs on the City Council.

I am also a conservationist and would seek to establish a beach restoration project for Capistrano Beach.

My campaign has been completely self funded and I have earned the endorsement of the Orange County Firefighters Local 3631.

Please help support my campaign by passing the message along to your family and friends in Capistrano Beach.

www.bebee4capobeach.com / ben.bebee4cc@gmail.com / 951-722-1054

Published by benbebee4cc

I am excited to be nominated for city council and am hopeful that I can earn your vote on Nov 3rd.

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